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The TNT really is in high spirits at the moment and it's such a great idea to get people into triathlon at entry level: I'm loving it!
Sioned Pearce

Great session Saturday and thanks for all the time you put in helping me with the bike.
Charmian Heaton

Thanks for a great day's cycling today; thoroughly enjoyed it.
Morag Baines

Great day Matt, thanks. Great workout
Jeff Ledger

...thanks to the excellent coaching direction, and the team spirit is awesome!
Angela Sherridan

It was a pleasure to be part of TNT this summer, it was one of the things I was saddest to be leaving (on returning to Birmingham). You've got a really great group of people there and the sessions are fab.
Lucy Mayblin

It was great today even though I thought I was going to pass out at one stage!! Really enjoyed it and it did push my boundaries. I have a clearer picture of the level, which I think is going to be achievable for me with some hard work on my part and a great coach and team to be part of.
Angie Sherridan

...Saturday's run session was very enjoyable... everyone was really welcoming and eager to help & share tips about different aspects of tri training... just what a novice needs!!!
Duncan Archer

Hi Matt, can't thank you enough for last weekend. Loved every minute. Put a deposit on a new bike today. Am inspired! Thanks for all your support.
Cath O 'Connor

RE: TNT Podium Place at Hathersage Hilly Triathlon progress with the cycling is down to you because at the start I was very close to re-selling the bike and sticking to swimming and running, and it's only very recently that I have actually started to enjoy going out on the bike, rather than forcing myself to do it. Which is fantastic.
Claire Hodgson

Matt, thanks for the running session last weds, I've never done anything like that before but can feel an improvement already!
Alison Coldwell

RE: TNT Hathersage Hill Handicap Chase 2 training review
...thanks for tuesday, very well organised and great fun.
Claire Hodgson

...I was so enthused after Pugneys (open water swim session) that I bought a wetsuit that fits!!
Cath O 'Connor

Thanks Matt, another quality session, I can feel myself getting stronger - bring it on!!
Scott Cooper

Thanks again. Great session. Renewed my running confidence too.
Janey G

I did Doncaster Half Marathon and because of you and your training sessions I did a PB of 1:52. Thanks a lot and this after being with the club only 3 months - I can't wait to get back to the training sessions.
Dave Gelthorpe

Well chuffed with yesterday! ...Big thanks to you Matt, all this has been helped with your training and guidance. Feel there is plenty more to come - just need to tweak a few things.
Scott Cooper

Wot a session on Saturday! My legs were hammered in the afternoon; I don't think I cud have done that six months ago. I still set off 2 fast tho!!
Lee Hall

...I enjoyed it too... I achieved a lot more than I thought I could with your help. (After Leeds Roundhay Park 5 miles)
Lindsey Dudley

Thanks again for your help Matt. I can say today was the first time I've actually enjoyed riding my bike!
Claire Hodgson

I've been on a couple of Matt's TNT runs from Millhouses Park and they were great. Highly recommended and gives you some idea of what you should be striving to do when your training on your own to keep your fitness levels up over the winter season
Ian Belton

Matt Norris TNT Coach
Pugneys Open Water Session
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