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Good quality nutrition and good timing regarding the consumption of nutrition is essential for an optimal performance.

The importance of carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are the most important fuel for the muscles. An increased intake of carbohydrates enhances performance. Performance is highly influenced by the type of carbohydrates consumed, the right quantity and the right moment of consumption. Therefore always make sure you have sufficient carbohydrates stored in your body, before and during exercise.

The importance of fluid
It is very important to drink during exercise. A fluid loss of 2% of your body weight reduces performance by 20% or more! Therefore, consume a hypotonic sports drink to avoid this. This type of sports drink hydrates the body quickly and simultaneously replenishes carbohydrates and minerals.

The importance of recuperation
Especially when various exercises follow one another within a narrow time-frame, recuperation becomes very important. It has been scientifically proven, that the consumption of carbohydrates and protein within 1 hour after exercise, improves the recuperation of the muscles faster than carbohydrates alone.

When you exercise at a moderately intensive level longer than 45 minutes it is recommended to drink 750ml thirst quencher per hour during exercise.

When you exercise intensively longer than 45 minutes it is recommended to use 100g Energy Gel per hour for an optimal energy recharge. Drink also 750ml thirst quencher per hour for an optimal hydration.

When you have to exercise again within 24 hours it is recommended to use a Recovery product within one hour after exercise. Drink also 500ml thirst quencher immediately after exercise.

Always try new sports nutrition products during training before using the products during competition.

General guidelines for athletes:

Eat a well balanced diet with 7-8g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight per day. This is 60-65% of your daily energy intake.

Consume 1.2-1.4g of protein per kg of body weight per day.

Drink a sufficient amount of fluid during the day (approx. 1.5-2ltrs).

Eat your last (carbohydrate rich) meal at least 2-3 hours before exercise.

Avoid high fibre meals 3 days before competition. 2004-2015
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