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Novicecoaching is a concept that is continually developing week by week. Principally the idea is to bring together novice athletes, new to the sport of triathlon and introduce them to simple, structured training and coached sessions with RacingTNT Triathlon Team.


TNT Novice Running Group


It soon became apparent that inviting ‘intermediates’ to the sessions on a regular basis was valuable so that novices could work alongside more experienced athletes in order to learn the skills necessary to progress quickly.

Autumn/Winter 2004 saw the first 24 planned sessions of which over 40 different athletes took part. The overall feedback from this work was very positive. (That, from a personal point has been very rewarding).

At the end of August 2007, over 100 sessions had taken place with over 120 athletes benefiting.

In 2011, backed by continued sponsorship from JE James cycles, over 1000 sessions have been delivered with 500+ athletes of all abilities, benefiting from structured training.

Over 25 training camps have now been successfully run between 2005-2014. Visit our RacingTNT Triathlon Team FACEBOOK page and check out our 'Events' listing for more camp news.

I have now attended British Triathlon Level 3 Club Coach and British Cycling Level 2 coaching programmes to further develop my learning. In addition to this, I have also attended a dynamic new British Cycling Level 2 Road and Time Trial coaching course.



The latest session plans can be downloaded from the 'Session' page on this website and I extend an open invitation to join RacingTNT Triathlon Team and help realise your ambitions.

In May 2013 RacingTNT Triathlon Team took over the management of the spin bikes at Abbeydale Park Sports Club. All the classes are listed on the Session Planner. Ideal for Novices!

What I would like to stress is that I continually get emails from newbies asking for more information about RacingTNT. There is nothing complex about our training or coaching principles. If you are looking to buddy up with enthusiastic and dedicated triathletes then RacingTNT is waiting for you!

Matt Norris 07704 857448
Founder and Head Coach - RacingTNT Triathlon Team

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